January 13th, 2010

There are a couple types of bad movies. Well, 2 types really. There are movies that are simply bad — bad acting, bad plot, bad dialogue, bad effects, or simply an overall melange of badness that seeps through every aspect of the film. Then there are bad movies that are incurably bad, but still manage to be entertaining — “good-bad” films, I like to call them. A lot of monster/ghost/vampire movies fall into this latter category — they manage to be bad but still somehow good, since you have something to root for. Disbelief can be willingly hung from the rafters, and you can lose yourself in the total silliness of a giant anaconda doing its damndest to eat Eric Stoltz (my favorite good-bad movie of all time).

The thing is, when a movie TRIES to be good-bad, chances are it winds up transcending bad into pure awful. Which is what happened with Daybreakers, Willem Dafoe or no. To read my Horror Chick review, click here.

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